Embrace San Jose Museums & Culture 

San Jose is home to several noteworthy museums & cultural attractions. From art to science, we offer an array of exhibits within a 4-mile radius that will spark the attention of both children and adults.


San Jose Museum of Art – 4 Miles

Located in one of San Jose’s most historic buildings, this former post office is now home to permanent art collections as well as rotating exhibits. The famous San Jose Museum of Art offers both traditional and modern, eclectic art and even includes great little café with indoor and outdoor seating.

From traditional art by well-established artists to cutting-edge 3 dimensional art pieces, this San Jose museum has married old and new architecture in a warm, inviting way. Come see the variety of artwork at the San Jose Museum of Art located in downtown San Jose.


The Tech Museum – 3 Miles

An innovative, modern museum of San Jose, “The Tech” explores technology and how it affects our daily lives. Four themed galleries showcase everything from robotics to earthquakes and satellites, and the IMAX movie is even included in the admission cost. 

It’s educational and fun, so wear comfy shoes and get ready to learn from the Tech Museum in San Jose.


Intel Museum in Santa Clara – 3 Miles

This San Jose museum showcases Intel products and the company’s fascinating history, as well as semiconductor technology in general. There are displays that demonstrate the set-up of a clean room, how chips are made, and what types of materials are used in the chips. And while it’s a smaller museum near San Jose, the Intel Museum is very hands-on, informative, and straight to the point.


Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum – 3 Miles

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose houses a full-scale replica of an Egyptian temple and contains captivating exhibits of artifacts and memorabilia. As a very approachable museum with amazing artifacts, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is a great place to spark kids’ curiosity about ancient history.


St. Joseph Cathedral – 3 Miles

Built in 1876, the St. Joseph Cathedral serves the oldest parish in San Jose. Featuring stunning statues and decorations, this beautiful church is nestled in the heart of downtown San Jose. Don’t miss the stunning architecture of this Roman Catholic Church and California Historical Landmark.